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Travis J. Burrell
nuxDesign Inc.


nuxDesign is your best source for high quality video, photography, web sites and many other multimedia projects. Nux Design is dedicated to provide its customers with exceptional quality and clarity. Our professional video services and products help capture your stories to video, with personal video clips you can enjoy now and preserve for generations. Nux Design can also capture stunning and professional looking photos of your event. With Nux Designs' many qualities, among them would also include designing the web site to best suit your needs. When it comes to multimedia, you can entrust Nux Design to capture your next event.


About nuxDesign

Technology today is constantly changing and computer software is advancing at a tremendous rate. In keeping up with the times and technology, Travis Burrell went in search of better ways to utilize his artistic abilities.� focuses on the ability to create multimedia projects that are eye-catching and attractive without sacrificing cleanliness and functionality.

Travis attended school at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he studied Web Design. While going to school in the evenings he maintained working a full time job as Photo Lab Supervisor of several CVS/Pharmacy stores throughout Downtown Pittsburgh. Before that Travis had been creating music soundtracks for movies and web sites. As a hobby he also enjoys being a Freelance Videographer. He also worked as a Graphic Designer for a commercial photo lab in Akron, Ohio where he created logos, banners, business cards and ads for several companies. He maintained that position for 10 years while building a strong relationship with clients such as the Cleveland Browns, Summit Racing Equipment, The Family of John Belushi, The City of Akron and The Summit County Sherriff�s Department.

In 2008, Travis decided to chase his creative talents in search of more ways to express himself through web design. He created�, a brand that executes quality throughout all multimedia, including but not limited to ; Graphics, Logos, Advertising, Web Sites, Soundtracks, Photography and much more.

Travis is currently contracted as a Graphic Designer for the Dicks Sporting Goods Store Support Center, also known as the World Headquarters.

nuxDesign is also The Official Sponsor of Timmayfest, a nation BMW and Mercedes Automotive Meet.